Are you a network marketer who doesn't know what to say - or you just don't LIKE what you're saying? 
(So you don't say anything at all.)

From the Desk of Kim Klaver...

Do you struggle to find customers because you aren’t sure how to approach them? Do all the scripts your company or upline give you, make you cringe? You know, it's just not YOU?

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a battle-weary network marketer who’s enrolled in various coaching programs and been on all the different company and guru calls, it may be time for a different kind of script altogether. Something that sounds normal. Something that sounds like you.

I’ve been where you are. In my first company, I heard the local presentation and it was so full of hype, I decided I could never take or send a prospect to that. So I decided to create my own events.  
(Started with 4 peeps(!) )

Over the years, I’ve seen trainers take the stage at different events and seen them spout a lot of the same glossy language that is unhelpful, and often downright dangerous, to new folks in our industry.
Good ole F.O.R.M.…
You’ve probably been told to use FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money) to evaluate a person’s pain points and then to use those to pitch your product or business.

Some people feel weird "making friends" knowing they just want to sell them something later...Does that describe you?  If so, you don't need to do that anymore.  There are much better ways...

Talking to more people when you keep saying the wrong things is probably not going to make a difference in your results. Have you noticed that?  Some people just stop talking to anyone about their business at all...

Is that what's happened for you?

If so, we might have a solution for you...:)

And before I show it to you, let's see if you really need this...

Have you heard or noticed these things?...
“The products sell themselves!” (Really?)
You’ve probably heard that the products sell themselves. Do they really? If so, why does the company need us?

Obviously, the products do NOT sell themselves, do they?
Here’s the problem…
The scripts are hypey with lots of techno-babble...
Most of the scripts that the gurus and company trainers teach reps include hype and techno-babble that few believe and nobody outside the company understands. It’s as if we checked our 'normal brain' at the door when we become a rep, and forgot the rest of the world didn't. :(
It often feels pushy and aggressive
Walking in malls, prospecting waiters and talking to anyone within three feet is just not comfortable for most people. Unless you have some advanced skills, these approaches are doomed to failure, and will leave you feeling completely rejected.

Asking people if they want to try your product or hear about your business puts them on the spot, on the defensive. Even if they might have been interested, the direct approach will turn many off.

Yet these are some of the approaches STILL being taught from the front of the room at events. You’d think we’d be further along by now.
Finally the solution to those salesy, techno-babbly scripts…
Wouldn’t it be easier to have an approach that calls out for the exact kinds of people you’re looking for, much like finding the perfect size 8 Nike tennis shoe in the store? And yes, finding the people who are perfect for YOU and what you market IS possible. You just need to know how to do it. :)

Remember how I said earlier that I created my own presentation so I never had to send or take a prospect to the local meeting run by others in my company? The presentation I designed has served me so well that for the last 27 years that I’ve been a top earner in every company I’ve built (six in all). I did it without the hype and hoopla that so many gurus tell you to lead with. With simple, plain and friendly language anyone can understand.
And that's exactly what the Cadaver Calling Challenge does for you. Shows you exactly what to say and gives you intensive practice over five days, 45 minutes per day...Hundreds and hundreds of folks just like you have gone through it...

 "I survived the FIVE-DAY Cadaver Customer Calling Challenge! I had NO idea I could talk to strangers with confidence like I did in these last five days...OMG OMG!"
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #53

Here's a story from for former corporate big banana at an established Network Marketing company, who went into the field because she wanted to earn more.  Her initial approaches were she said, stiff and formal, because she thought she had to be proper and business-like...After the Challenge, she had the surprise of her life...
“Yesterday something happened for me that has never happened before…

“I attended a women's networking luncheon with a friend. There were 18 other women in attendance – mostly in the 50+ age group. As I looked around I thought, ‘This is my target market.’

“After everyone took their seats, each person had 30 seconds to talk about her business. I was the second to speak. The woman ahead of me gave a real sales pitch. As I listened to her go way beyond 30 seconds, I questioned whether I should go with my first date script... Was it really appropriate? Would I sound unprofessional and unbusinesslike? Was it too specific?

“What would my friend think?

“Because I didn't have much time I just went with it and sat down. The other 16 women all spoke very professionally, very ‘salesy”... some even made special offers. As each person spoke, I started to feel like I didn't fit in. I didn't sound like everyone else.

“And then the most extraordinary thing happened. When the final woman spoke, the organizer told us we had 10 minutes before lunch - enough time to go speak to someone who really resonated with you. By the time I turned to get out of my chair, I had a woman say, ‘I'd like to know more about what you do. I'm a speech coach and I work with lots of women whose weight really affects their confidence when they are speaking in front of an audience.’ Another woman walked over to me and lifted up her shirt to reveal a serious muffin top. She said, ‘I didn't used to have this. Since going through menopause I can't seem to get rid of it. Can you help?’

“Never have I had anyone approach me.

“What an amazing feeling not to feel ‘icky’, desperate or pushy! I left with 4 solid leads to follow-up with, and I'm feeling really good about not sounding like everyone else!

“Thank you, Kim Klaver!”

- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #323
Could you put this approach together on your own? Sure you could. With time and trial and error, you may be able to put the pieces together in just the right order so that you feel comfortable talking about your product or opportunity to anyone.

What if you could shave off some time, effort and embarrassment and have the exact formula that I’ve been using for 27 years to get to the top of every company I’ve been a rep for? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to end the frustration you’re feeling and instead get the results you’ve been wanting from your business since day one? Wouldn’t you prefer to take what I’ve learned and drastically reduce your learning curve? You can!
"I really thought I was going to hate this..."
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #286
Introducing the Cadaver Calling Challenge…
The program that teaches you how to speak in a way that invites others to lean in…
Here’s what’s included:
  •  The 5 day Calling Challenge, 45 minutes per day
  •  Calling partner for accountability, support and encouragement
  •  Unlimited free local leads to call
  •  Daily live check-in with our coaches
  •  Script book ("If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?")
  •  The #1 bestselling 100 Customers 100 Days audio program
  •  Closed Facebook group where you can interact with other participants and get help and support
You’re probably wondering by now what the investment in this challenge is. You’re likely used to seeing courses by the gurus for $397, $497 or even more. Not here. Your investment for the Cadaver Calling Challenge is only $121 today (save $22).
To get started having people lean in to listen to what you have to say instead of folding their arms and leaning back, click the button below.

Russel Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels

"I always struggled selling things, and after reading Chapter 2 in Kim’s orange book, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away.

Since changing that part of my presentation like she said, I've gone on to sell millions of dollars….Thanks, Kim!"

Tim Sales

"Did you know that in her debut as a professional direct seller, Kim retailed more water filters than anyone in the company’s history – nearly $60k in her first month? She loved the product and built her downline through consumers, not by showing a business model. That’s always been her style!"

Mary Jane M

"Kim challenged us to get 100 customers in 100 days, and guess what? I did more than that! I got over 100 customers in 60 days, and they’re on a monthly program, just like cable TV!

My check went from $986 to $5000 within five months. I get it each month now. Ill be forever grateful to Kim."
 Who will my calling partner be?
Your partner will be assigned to you based on your time zone.
 Can I work with someone in the same company I'm in?
We don’t usually put two people in the same company together as calling buddies. We’ve found that it works better to have people in different companies paired up because there’s no pressure that way.
 If I do well with this and want to do the program again, do I need to sign up and pay again?
No – once you’ve paid you’re a lifetime member. You can repeat the challenge as often as you wish.
 How often do you do these challenges?
We do one challenge every month.
 Do you have a guarantee?
Absolutely! If you follow the program, here’s our guarantee:

1. At the end of the challenge, you will have learned how to talk to people in a normal, everyday way like you speak to your friends and family.

2. You will know how to find local leads for free.
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