Introverts: Are you ready to discover how you can 
talk easily and naturally about your business?
Without any icky, salesy, overstated scripts?
Introducing: The Cadaver Calling Challenge...
Kim Klaver
Vic Link
You Get... :)
*Five-Day-Calling Challenge, 45 minutes per day
*Calling partner (not in your company)
*Unlimited free local leads to call
*Daily live check-in with Script Doctor
*#1 Selling Script book: "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?"
*100 Customers 100 Days Audio Program (#1 on Kim's list)
They Experienced the "Cadaver Calling Challenge"...
Discover About Their Experience Below...
"I really thought I was going to hate this..."
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #286
 "I survived the FIVE-DAY Cadaver Customer Calling Challenge! I had NO idea I could talk to strangers with confidence like I did in these last five days...OMG OMG!"
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #53
"Who knew I'd be this excited?"
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member # 301
"Knock me over with a feather! I called someone, asked for the wrong person, oops! 
I readjusted and laughed and started my script. 
Before I was halfway done, the lady was agreeing with me. 
Next thing I knew she was saying it would be better to arrange for a group of her friends to get together somewhere central so they could all hear about it at the same time. 
I'm to call her in two days to set a time up. Holy cow!"  
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #29
"One person I called said, "I would love to know what you have" based on my story of my age spots literally falling off of my face (truly). She requested an email for my contact info. Thanks so much Kim for a great opportunity...!" 
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #17
"You were my 'Hour of Prayer' answer!"
- Cadaver Calling Challenge member #261
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